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5320 E Independence Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28212
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5320 E Independence Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28212
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(704) 605-2836


Whether you are dealing with a tough commute or going for a long, relaxing drive, you have to have brakes working at their best. The most obvious indicator that your vehicle's brakes need attention is an incredibly high-pitched squeal when you come to a stop. Brake pad manufacturers include a little piece of metal called an indicator on the pad itself. When the material wears down to the point where less than ¼ inch is left, the metal piece begins to touch the vehicle's rotor, doing a good impression of fingernails on a chalkboard. Depending on how hard you drive, that usually means you should replace your brake pads within the month.
That is why LB Auto Repair offers reliable, professional brake repair services — so you can drive with confidence, knowing that your brakes are ready to do their job.
To schedule an appointment for brake service, call us today or fill in the form on this page.
Your car battery and electrical system are an essential part of your car's overall health. Did you know that hot weather could be more of a drain on your car battery than cold weather? If the battery goes, your vehicle could leave you stranded. To make sure that things start up when you turn the ignition, it is important to understand your battery and electrical system. In addition, if you ever need to replace your auto battery, LB Auto Repair offers great battery service for affordable prices
Oil Change
Your automobile is more than likely your second largest investment – second only to your home. Having LB Auto Repair change your vehicle’s oil every 3,000 miles is one of the best ways you can protect this valuable investment. Once you experience an LB Auto Repair oil change, you will see firsthand why hundreds of drivers prefer LB Auto Repair

Every full service oil change includes a complementary 20-point safety travel check where a certified technician will:
  • Check Brake Fluid
  • Check Power Steering Fluid
  • Check Windshield Washer
  • Check Battery(s)
  • Check Coolant Reservoir
  • Check Clutch Fluid
  • Check Belt(s)
  • Check Hoses
  • Check EC / Breather Filter
  • Check Air Filter
  • Check Wiper Blades
  • Visual Check Tire Wear
  • Check Lights
  • Check Horn
  • Check Transmission Fluid
  • Lubricate Chassis
  • Check Rear Differential
  • Check Front Differential
  • Check Transfer Case
  • Check Final Drive
Call us for a complementary alignment check-up.
When your vehicle alignment is not proportioned correctly, two issues may occur:
  • Driving Becomes More Expensive
  • Driving Becomes More Dangerous
Driving without proper alignment costs you money. Not only does flawed alignment decrease gas mileage and tire life, but it also adds stress to your vehicle's steering equipment and structure. Ideally, your vehicle's wheels should run perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. Adjusting these wheel angles will bring your vehicle back into proper alignment.

Driving without proper alignment puts you at risk. An out-of-alignment car pulls and drifts away from a straight road and may cause an accident. Excessive tire wear—another result of bad car alignment—leads to tire blowouts and poor traction, which also causes accidents. Bring in your vehicle and our alignment experts will make sure your vehicle drives smoothly and safely.
How does poor alignment happen?
Many factors affect your vehicle's alignment. You typically need alignment service after a major or minor collision that results in physical damage to your vehicle's frame.
Your vehicle needs immediate attention when you notice steering problems or uneven tire wear patterns on your tires. Sometimes problems arise from something as small as driving over a pothole, or grazing over a curb.

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